Some people asked me what I meant with “implement all PRINCE2 processes” in my last post. “Did you really mean all processes?”

Yes that’s correct, I do mean all processes. And trust me, it still can be lightweight, depending on your choices.
Let me explain.

With implementing a process I mean following the principle behind the process, it’s intend. That does not necessarily mean that the process and given templates are followed to the letter. It is your choice as a projectmanager to determine the amount of paperwork and the extend in which all the criteria described for a process are followed through. You can use the whole of the template, you can choose for no paper at all. As long as the intend of the process is covered.

An example.
There is a process within PRINCE2 called “Managing product delivery”. It has three subprocesses “Accepting, Executing en Delivering a Work Package”.
It is used for managing individuals or teams within the project as well as managing subcontractors. The Work Package template describes things like “acceptance criteria, communication aspects” and so on. It can be quite elaborate.

But when should you use such a template in your project? If the work is assigned to a single person whom has done much of the same work before, please don’t!
In fact the whole process can be executed verbally. To start with the process three questions are enough; “Do you understand this assignment? What kind of help do you need? Can you do the job?”.
These questions cover the intend of “Accepting a Work Package” (and are effective and “fit for purpose”).
Of course, when the work is to be done by a subcontractor then you probably need the template at it’s fullest…