Yesterday I finally had a meeting with our project’s external auditor.

Based on a quick risk-analysis a month ago he concluded that project management was a high risk area  because of the combination of PRINCE2 with Scrum. In his view this was an impossible combination.

After an in depth analysis the last couple of weeks his final conclusion is that the ‘combination can work as described’. In fact, he stated that if we do what we say we do (and I can assure you, we do) that it ‘possibly is an effective approach’.

In real life it is an effective approach. We have been working with PRINCE2 and Scrum since March now and have trippled the project’s output and quality compared to the time frame before March (using waterfall). The customer is very happy with the results, the supplier is happy, the team is happy, we are all happy 🙂

But still, I’m pleased that it’s officially confirmed now, the combination can work.  🙂