It isn’t that difficult applying PRINCE2 in a lightweight fashion. Here’s the story of Pete and Jane.

Jane wants some coffee. Pete agrees to get some. Both use PRINCE2 without being aware of it.

Pete Jane
Hi Jane, how are you? Hi Pete
Actually, I’m dying for a cup of coffee. Can you get me some?
(Project mandate)
Sure no problem.
How do you like your coffee? Large with non-fat milk please. No sugar.
(Product Description)
How much money do you want to spend?
I can get some down the hall from the machine or do you want StarBucks coffee?
If you don’t mind I prefer StarBucks. That’s more expensive but I like it better. You can get some for yourself too. Here’s the money.
(Business Case)
Okay, large, non-fat, no sugar.
I’ll be back in 10 minutes if everything goes to plan.
(Project Plan)
(Plan authorized)
See you later!
(Execute Work Package)
… 5 minutes later a call from Pete …
Hi Jane, there’s a large queue here, it will take another 10 minutes.
(Exception + Exception Plan)
Guess I have to wait a bit longer. Thanks for the update.
(Exception Plan authorized)
… 8 minutes later a call from Pete …
Hi Jane, I’m on my way now.
(Highlight Report)
… 2 minutes later Pete arrives …
Here’s your coffee and change and a donut.
(Deliver a Work Package)
A donut?
(Quality Inspection)
Yeah, you looked a bit hungry too. Well, that’s really nice of you but I’m on a diet. This is not what I asked you for.
(Off spec)
Sorry about that, I’ll eat it myself, here’s the money. I appreciate the effort but next time please ask me first.
(Lessons Learned)

Thanks for the coffee!
(Closing a Project)