I’ve added two new ‘cool videos’ to the sidebar.

How great leaders inspire action

(presentation by Simon Sinek, TEDxPuget Sound, Sep 2009)

A great and inspiring presentation about leadership. If you think this presentation is only about marketing and selling stuff, you’re missing the point. Simon explains that people are motivated by the ‘Why‘, not the ‘How’ or ‘What’. I fully agree. As a project manager (or any kind of manager) it’s much more effective to explain people the project’s purpose (the why) and let them figure out what to do and how to do it, in stead of micromanaging their activities.

The loss of wisdom

(presentation by Barry Schwartz, TED2009, Feb 2009)

Another great presentation. This one is about how we all try to get a grip on things by implementing rules and incentives. Barry explains that rules and incentives only can do so much, it’s never seems to be sufficient and at some point rules and incentives create more problems then resolve problems. Rules and incentives are no substitute for practical wisdom.
In business processes and project management, methods and procedures (rules) are only useful as a guideline, they can not replace common sense and practical wisdom. We also know the effects of ill chosen incentives, for instance department level bonuses that aim to make the departments more efficient, but create problems on the company level (in lean terminology: sub-optimization).

All models are wrong but some are useful.