This blog is all about my experiences experimenting (reasonably Foto Martin van Borselaersuccessfully I might add) with combining the PRINCE2 and Scrum project management methods.

For most people these methods are a world apart and not reconcilable. PRINCE2 is a ‘heavyweight’ project management method. There’s a large manual and a lot of studying is required before you’re able to pass the exam. Scrum on the other hand is extremely lightweight. My Scrum training only involved two sheets of paper. Passing the exam was a breeze (actually you graduate automatically at the end of the course).

Besides all the theoretical stuff I do think that both methods have real life value. However, you do need to understand the principles behind both methods and must be able to understand why certain things work and others don’t. Only then it’s possible to make the right choices (or be able to learn from your mistakes ).

The specific challenge with PRINCE2 is to customize the method to the project environment, which usually means downsizing the method. The specific challenge with Scrum is to fill in the gaps, to implement what isn’t written in the method, to be creative and find solutions that work. In my opinion there’s a sweet spot somewhere in the middle, somewhere between PRINCE2 and Scrum.

So please read my blog and post your comments and thoughts.


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