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Optimizing change processes with Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is useful for optimizing processes, but not usually applied to change processes itself. There is a hidden opportunity here because determining and discussing the change process VSM also helps optimizing the change process. It helps determining what the change is all about (the value that should be created) and helps determining what parts of the change process create value and what parts don’t.

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Where Scrum sucks

I do love Scrum. But at the same time Scrums sucks at a lot of areas from a business point of view. In my opinion the Scrum process is great to get things done. It’s great to get a motivated team with focus, it maximizes...

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Maintaining focus

One of the challenges within projects is to keep focus on what’s really important. The project has (or should have) a specific goal. When things go wrong, when issues and changes occur, are we still focused on that goal? There...

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